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    Why choose Clôtures Clobec?

    The Clobec Clôtures experience team will help you choose your fence. After an analysis of your needs and budget, Clobec Clôtures experts will be able to direct you to the best choice, among our wide range of products.

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    As a member of the Association canadienne de I'industrie de la clôture since 1984, we maintain the highest standards of integrity. Manufacturers, distributors or installers, all rigorously enforce the ACIC Code of Ethics, an unequivocal policy.

    At home, you will find first respect, respect of your expectations and our commitments. You will discover unique products, top quality and you will get all the information needed to make the right decision.

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    Whatever your reasons for investing in a fence; Privacy, security, distinction ... we know that they revolve around the quality of life of yours. Great or small, humble or sumptuous, your property is your island of peace.

    We will do whatever it takes to preserve it ...

    Because we know how to surround you!

    Fences - Gratings - Barriers - Railings

    Great products for all your needs

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    Contact us


    2486 Blvd. Curé-Labelle
    Prévost, QC
    J0R 1T0


    Toll free



    R.B.Q. 5597-2137-01

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    Inter Clôtures CLOBEC

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